1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the property. If at the end of the lease there is any sign of smoking, tenant will be responsible for deep cleaning to remove it.
  2. Tenant is responsible for water spots on the master bathroom shower glass. Please use a squeegee after each use.
  3. The garage is not wired for appliances. Do not plug in freezer or refrigerator.
  4. Tenant to change media A/C filters at least every three (3) months with good quality air filters (Filtrete 3M or similar). If regular filters, they are to be changed out every month. Failure to replace filters could result in nullification of A/C warranty. The need for repair work caused by dirty filters will be the tenant’s responsibility.
  5. Tenant to avoid turning the A/C on and off in rapid successions, as it may cause damage to the A/C.
  6. Tenant to avoid standing or sitting on the edges of the granite countertops as they could break.
  7. Trampolines are not, under any circumstances, allowed on the property.
  8. Upon move-out, tenant will have the house and carpets professionally cleaned and provide receipts. Failure to do so will result in a deduction from the Security Deposit. Any cost associated with restoring the property back to move-in condition, minus normal wear and tear, will be the tenant’s responsibility.
  9. Tenant to transfer utilities by no later than the move-in date. If there is a delay by the utility company, please notify the management company. Tenant will leave utilities on through the end of the lease, even if tenant vacates early.
  10. Repairs to property damages due to the tenant’s negligence, or failing to promptly report a potential situation that could result in property damage (ie, water leaks, appliance malfunction, etc.) will be the responsibility of the tenant.
  11. Tenant to repair/paint walls after removing nails/screws used for pictures, etc.
  12. Instructions for the wood floors: Do not use any chemicals, including but not limited to abrasive substances. Clean the surface using a semi-dry mop. There are special cleaners for wood. Remove and clean any liquid from the surface immediate to avoid penetration of the liquid into the wood. The use of sliders for furniture located in these areas is highly recommended.
  13. In the event the Landlord or any contractor needs to enter the house, a day and time will be arranged with the tenant.